Have you ever wonder how the millions of species of plants and animals that we see today has been came into existence. Darwin’s theory of evolution is the best possible explanation to this question. But is the evolution still going on? Can we evolve further? Is it natural or human has developed any way for self evolution? Let’s  put some light on these questions.

All Plant and Animal Kingdom that we see today on this planet are the result of a process that has been started 4 billion years ago. The process is called EVOLUTION and we the Homo Sapiens are at the top of the ladder. Evolution simply means the development of consciousness i.e. the ability of an organism to perceive the surroundings. From a single cell organism the process of evolution has diversified into millions of branches in this billions of year. Obviously the process is natural and going on as described by Darwin in his Theory of Evolution. As we have understood the process how we came into existence on this planet can we find any way to evolve our consciousness to a higher level. Let’s have some discussion.

Other organisms on the planet act according to their natural drive but Homo Sapiens has the ability to do things consciously. Homo Sapiens has evolved to such a conscious stage that we have developed such abilities to evolve our self to a super human stage. A vast research in this regards has been done in ancient India. Various process and practices(Sadhanas) has been developed by various researchers(saints) of that time. The basic aim of this web site is to scientifically bring those knowledges to the man kind for a better future of the planet.

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